Recycling Bric-a-Brac and electrical items

Liz Rolfs
10 months agoMay 4, 2017
How big are your boxes?  Initially we have a lot of clearance to do. How much does the service cost?
10 months agoMay 10, 2017
Morning Liz , the boxes are 52 litre capacity and measure 60 cm long, 40cm wide and 30cm high. They are lidded and designed to stack when both empty and full to minimise space requirements. We do not charge for the service - in fact we may be able to pay a small rebate based on the weights collected and would supply the boxes to be used for collection of goods free of charge.  I hope that answers your query but please don't hesitate to contact me on 01536 400002 if you would like to discuss further.
8 months agoJune 12, 2017
What charity will my box go to? I can't see any affiliations on your website
8 months agoJune 28, 2017
Hi Sam, we provide a reuse / recycling service for charities. We work with over 40 charities across the UK. So we are collecting boxes from rather than delivering to charities. I hope that answers your query, but please let me know if you need further information.
5 months agoOctober 6, 2017
Hi. I was wondering what happens to the goods you collect?
Ranjha Kom
5 months agoOctober 8, 2017
Hi, I live in Melbourne and interested in to buy Bric a Brac (Strictly No Books, Clothing or Shoes) for Pakistan.
My email address is, please send me per kg rates for 40ft container.
waiting for your kind reply
vicky howes
4 months agoOctober 16, 2017
does the charity you collect from get paid by you by weight? If so how much do you pay per kg?
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